Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Filmed over 12 years, amazing. Three hours. Noway could a movie hold my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) for three hours. It did. Fascinating movie. Why? I guess so much of it is "true to life." The story line, actually there was no real story line, like this is a script. The characters remained the same, just aged. Every subject was played out: alcoholism, divorce, abuse, abandonment, narcissism, surly teenagers. God, man and the Universe.

I would recommend to every parent. Good scenes that show our failures but in them, in most ways we are doing the best we can. I saw lots of cultural stuff. Only in America. With most every subject, there is something to talk about. The adults, the teachers who recognize and praise. I saw my old Ag teacher in one of them. He would chew is out for our sloven work but at the same time let us know we could do more. One of the ways I judge a movie: "am I thinking and talking about it days afterwards?" Yes. Is the movie instructive as well as entertaining. YES! Check it out.  

Friday, September 12, 2014


The concept of "Bugging Out" was popularized during the Korean War. It had to do with a kind of "organized retreat." The North Koreans marched toward Seoul with such devastation that the Americans had to "bug out" to regroup to fight. It is tempting to apply the term to the Iraqi Army. If so, they would give new meaning to it. We poured millions of dollars into training the Iraqi Army and in the face of danger, they "bugged" out--not to a pre position to get ready to fight. They, in essence, ran. What are we to make of it. Probably that they lacked leadership. In listening to my favorite NPR (National Public Radio) person, Terry Gross, interviewing Tim Arango, bureau chief for Baghdad (NY Times), very insightful and may be the clues for the Iraqi Army "bugging out". In a word. "Corruption." From what he said, reminds me of watching "Pride and Prejudice". They have a scene where literally it is explained how an Englishman gets a commission into the military. He buys it. Same in Iraq. They buy it. This is a hell of a way to have an Army. I blame us in a sense. All the way along, why didn't some American in a leadership position stand up and say, this is a disaster. Let's blame it on the generals: Patraeus, Allen, Frank. Take your pick of a dozen or so. Civilians can be forgiven but not the American military. Actually there probably were some military types. At best, nobody paid them any attention. At worst, they chose to bury their heads in the sand. F..K. 


The GFs convened at Miller's Deli in San Rafael. John and TC arrived first. We went over potential topics of the morning. John felt that we should discuss the President's latest edict on fighting ISIS. He felt that it was making war and definitely against the President's stated purpose of his presidency. 

John was somewhat giddy as he had just scored the purchase of a great clock which was very heavy as it was black onyx. John agreed that his interest in clocks sometimes overpowers his common sense. Upon hearing that he was an inspiration to our wonderful hispanic waitress; who, by the way, is to have her wisdom teeth extracted, he agreed to give up the clock for a hundred or so. 

Our resident, attorney, Sam, the Godfather, and the Battalion Surgeon arrived. We initially launched into a discussion of the value of a particular supplement that would assist in shoulder pain and arthritis. Sam agreed to try it and give feedback. Upon further reflection, he has ordered all of us a supply. 

The Doc said that he would like for us to examine the sudden and untimely death of Joan Rivers. Since her procedure was elective surgery, it is unclear who was in charge. The doc allowed that it appears there was confusion and then panic when the unexpected happened. The doc, as a young Marine Lieutenant in Nam, experienced first hand treating young Marines who had to be intibated. Sam enlightened the attentive group as to legal responsibility. For any who would like to review total communication, please check with the doc's blog if he had one. 

Just before the group hug commenced, someone intoned that it was wonderful to have a peer group where everybody was tuned in, hung on every word of an opinion and cherished this invaluable time together. 

Monday, September 08, 2014


Recently, I was in my favorite bar, SFAC (San Francisco Athletic Club). On five screens I could watch football. I was simply amazed. 

To be honest, I am pretty much turned off with big-time college football. It is simply weird to me. Here are a bunch of white people watching mostly black players. They cheer for their alma mater. Especially the Southern teams. I watched a couple of teams where almost every single player was an African American. It absolutely is a subject that nobody discusses. What is the subject really? Do we think any of these people watching say, Alabama, are going to invite the players to brunch. I doubt it. So, what is the concern? That it looks and feels like this is ancient Rome. The players are gladiators. I am having trouble framing this. Somebody help me out. I want to blog this.       

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The NY Times

A good buddy of mine is always saying things like, "Don't absorb too much of "The PropagandaRag", of Hillary, aka NYT (New York Times). 

We always laugh. (I am just an ordinary reader) When I went to LIU (Long Island University) back in the dark ages, I fell in love with the "Times." Is it all the news that's fit to print?" Of course not but it is one of the truly complete newspapers left in "Merica" and I like my politics slightly to the "left"). I hate labels.  

I actually took a course on how to read the "Times." My Sociology prof, Dr. Bigliosi, taught the COURSE. He made it come alive. (He has since gone on to his great rewards and although I didn't start out to keep his memory alive, this does it for me). According to Big, You start off reading the (1)Front page. Then go to (2) Sports, then, it is what we now call, (3) Sunday Review. The rest is "personal preference," i. e., Style, Book Review, etc.--Dr Big said, "You can be an educated person by reading the Sunday Times." 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


“THERE IS NO SHAME. Eric Cantor just landed a job on Wall Street for 3.4 mil. He has no shame. And, for this 3.4 mil, he will be going to his old friends in Congress who will look with favor on him. They have no shame.”
Opinion by GdA

Thursday, August 28, 2014


It was the first time I had thought of him in a long time. He was a hell raising journalist that seemed to take on everybody if he saw them soft peddling the truth. There were several quotes which were titles usually for his writing. "Military justice is to justice as military music is to music." Here's another that I loved. "The Saturday Night Special: and other guns which Americans used to win the west, protected bootleg franchises, slew wildlife, robbed countless banks, shot husbands purposely, and ... killed presidents--I loved this guy. God bless him on his journey. Sherrill, an original maverick where God only made one. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


“In Northern California, the idea is never “if” but “when” an earthquake. We had a 6.0 this morning. It seemed to go on forever. It woke me. I immediately remembered the La Prietta on Oct 17, 1989. I was at Letterman Army Medical Center on the Presideo, standing in the Lobby, talking with a family about withdrawing life support from
their terminally ill father. The earthquake happened. Everybody scattered. Suddenly, I was by myself. A chunk of the outside structure had fallen. The Marina was burning. We were rushing docs to help. The Bay Bridge had collapsed. We had an earthquake!!!!!!!”