Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The president making nice with the Saudis  made me want to throw up. Those sorry MFers are living in the 12th Century or before and the Prez is cozying up to them, kissing their ass really. The best comment I've heard about this travesty is from a guest on Public TV's, "The News Hour." He lamented the "blogger" being in jail and flogged by those assholes. He said something like, "this poor guy is in jail and being flogged for something a 100,000 Americans casually do every day." The president not even saying anything has truly diminished him on my view. As my mom would say "this is f..king scandalous" I added the f..king. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wrong on Iraq

On the Michael Krasny show, a local talk show, the interviewee was Dan Savage who has made his rep in talking about sex/relationships, etc. , a favorite subject, obviously. I enjoyed listening as no topic seemed to be "off the table." Savage reminds me of a young Albert Ellis, former teacher and father of REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy). Ellis was so glib, smart, rational that it was often sickening almost. I remember asking Ellis once, an avowed atheist, did he believe in God. He said, "no one has ever proven there is a God. But, then, no one has ever proven there isn't." Savage has that ability to turn something on its head. 

The one question that got me and the answer too was about as good as I've ever heard. Krasny, I think, asked him a political, foreign policy question. His answer, something like this. "I cannot answer that. I got it wrong on Iraq. After 9-11, many of us (he named a laundry list of public figures, most notably Hillary Clinton, who like himself, were convinced that Iraq was involved in 9-11.) Therefore, he cannot render a judgement or speak on any of the current foreign policy issues because he was so grievously wrong about Iraq. He has lost the right to render an opinion. GREAT ANSWER. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


The "talking heads" are still discussing the President's "State of the Union" address. What a colossal waste of time! Why? We have a dysfunctional Congress. The president's proposals will go nowhere. Great ideas but dead on arrival. And, the president is out selling these ideas to the American people, that ubiquitous term which should be, "those Americans that care." 

Nobody has even mentioned how the poor  guy's hair has turned grey.


Went with my buddy from high school to see his parents that live last month. I have not seen them since High School. They are in their upper 80s and very spry. I asked them what kept them going.
1)They take long walks each day
2)Involved in Churchthis is a great formulae. 
3)Meet their friends at Bojangles everyday...had to laugh at that one....
This is a great formulae. And, you are right, whatever works. I love "Bojangles." My brother, Raz, use to say about them, "you could read the paper through their ham biscuits." True but delicious. 
The WSJ did a whole section on how people handled old age and your friend's folks would fit with them. The only thing that WSJ would add is "sex." In their survey, couples said intimacy was very important.    

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The president inspired me, relatively speaking, in his State of the Union speech. He is a politician, after all. But, as politicians go, he is one of the best in my opinion. His speech writers did some clever things but the president can also turn a phrase on his own. I have always liked him, not agreeing on everything, especially on military decisions. I think that he had let the generals bamboozle him. I think he is the smartest president we've  had in awhile. Maybe not as calculating as some but not afraid to tackle hard issues. He can laugh, joke, think on his feet. But mostly I judge him with, "would I like to hang out with him over a beer."  I WOULD. 


Monday, January 19, 2015


MLK will always be a hero: he stood up to LBJ and J . Edgar Hoover and spoke out against the Vietnam War. 
RD, former Marine in Vietnam

I just saw "Selma." Powerful movie and always makes me ashamed. I will only say one thing: when I grew up as the youngest son of a poor tobacco tenant farmer, the economic divide was not a lot different than being a slave. 

My Dad was a slight bit of a renaissance man, although in the KKK man.  He was eventually expelled because he refused to participate in the whipping of a black man for no reason. Not to say that he had not participated in others if he felt justified. His view of the Klan in the beginning was that it was a vigilante group designed to keep order. I don't know but I think he always regretted it. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The News Hour and the NY Times both made the decision not to publish the infamous cartoons. Big mistake, I think. Philosophically, I would not say or do anything that would denigrate someone else. However, this is different. It is no time to attempt political correctness which I suspect with the Times and PBS. Reminded me of one of my favorite cowboy movies, Open  Range. The bad guys are intimidating Robert Duval and Kevin Costner who play cowboys merely exercising their rights. Charley and Boss (Duval) are in the saloon. When it looks like the townspeople are burying their heads in the sand about the rich cattle baron trampling people's rights. 
Kevin Costner's character, Charley, says something like, "there are some things in life that gnaw at you and so important that you are willing to die for 'em." 

The attack had one purpose: Intimidation. The NY Times and the PBS News Hour both folded and bowed to intimidation. They pretend something else but it is mostly billshit. 

Plain and simple, this is an issue so important that there is only one view in my estimation. In this case, I can only do what I can, cancel my subscription to the Times and cancel my pledge to PBS. To me it isn't the philosophy and merely disagreeing, it is something so fundamental to our value system that I have to do what I have to do. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Just heard this on KCBS (Bay Area radio station). This guy riding his bike, on the way to doc, as he has heart condition; an 80 year old in a pick-up hits him. Two separate groups: one robs the biker and another group robs the 80 year old. 

Note to a friend. Partly joking. For goodness sakes, don't even slow down around Oakland. Still thinking about the people in an accident and had their wallets stolen. 

Comment back: These people's don't have values, so sad. 

 I guess but are they poor, desperate or a bunch of low lifes. oh well...I guess I like to think that as "Mericans" we have a value system.