Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The Newshours did a piece about Silicon Valley (start-ups, APPs). Looking at these "would be" millionaires who weren't even old enough to shave, I couldn't help but think, these kids would do well with a tour in the Marines. 


I really am jaded at defending the president. In practical terms, it is a waste of time. I admire the guy just because he can stand upright. I can't feel too sorry for him because this is his choice. But. I get charged when I hear these f..king "know nothings" talk about his being indicisive, etc. it is politics and it is racism. I am a white boy from the South and I can recognize it when I see it. That is another topic. 

The President is an ENTJ on the Myers Briggs. The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is the most popular personality instrument in the country. Developed by two women who were trying to figure our people. Google it. The president personality is basically who he is, like all of us--how he acts and reacts. He is an E (extrovert) likes people, moves toward them easily. Has a good sense of humor. An N (iNtuitive) Notice the way it is written, capital N. The president is iNtuitive: innovative and creative, gathers facts. He is not indecisive, he merely is looking at his options MFers. The prez is a "T" (Thinking) in his head. Comes across in very ethereal ways. Logical, college professor. And lastly, he is a J (judgement) not judgmental but a term that Katherine Myers and Isabel Briggs came up with, designed to convey a "lifestyle." Judging as opposed to Perceptive which is on occasion flaky whereas "judging" types are organized. The president always looks sharp, crisp. He is a leader. OK, got it: ENTJ. Know why I am pretty sure. My wife has the same personality. She could easily run the world. OK, there you have it. For us Democrats, let's simply say to these party of "NO" types, get real and understand the personality of the president, asshole. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Ebola. Sad and scary. Should we prohibit movement to West Africa. I think yes. Good military concept: "When you are up to your arsh in alligators, kind of hard to remember that your mission was draining the swamp." This meaning, do what we can to help the people. F..k, we have already sent the 101st Airborne to help. General Lee, my hero was first commander. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


RIGHT TO DIE. I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE that California does not have a "right to die" law. California, a state that is almost buried under the weight of its citizens who are on "life support" (IVs, feeding tubes, oxygen) with no chance of recovery or getting better. 

"Sixty Minutes" profiled a nurse/daughter who was accused of helping her father do what he wanted, DIE. Her case is a typical example of what can happen. Amazing is that it is California who prides itself in "leading the way." What the f..k! We treat our animals better than our loved ones. 

In the case of the PA woman, a State Court Judge did the right thing: dismissed the charges. But, it is a perfect example. We can have "Medical Directives," which we think that the wishes of our loved ones will be honored when, in fact, only two states make Medical Directives binding. West Virginia is one. What the hell? I am going to quit putting the bad mouth on West Virginia. 


Sir, Understand your thoughts. I worked for General J A when I was with 2dBn/4th Marines. He is happy to be back in what he would consider a combat/humanitarian joint force assignment. I've briefed him numerous times...he will never rock the boat...

What this means is that even now from the generals we continue to hear these rosy reports from Iraq. Our stupidity is beyond thinkable. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


JOE is one of those sleeper movies that you see, expecting one thing but getting another in drastic form. It is about an ex-con who has these violent episodes which he seemingly cannot control. Joe played by Nicholas Cage, one of the best actors around I think.

Joe runs a crew of workers who kills trees so the forest can be replanted with healthy seedlings. It sounds like something illegal but not. This is a character driven movie. Everybody in it is somewhat damaged, maybe not the all black crew of workers. There's a mentality of survival which is dark in every way. It is alcohol, smoking, lowlife mentality. Abuse, sex, the base existence to life. 

Joe meets a kid, fifteen, Gary. He begins some redemption. The stark surroundings, the lowlife characters, the bare existence of people who survive makes quite the movie. I don't know why a movie like "Joe" doesn't get more notice. This is a people, an environment that exists in this country. They are the have nots, the survivors, uneducated and unsophisticated but remarkable in a weird way. Joe, especially. 

I originally saw this on a plane but could not quite grasp it. I
immediately watched it again. It is worth your time. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Best Statement On Politics I've Seen Lately

Here's something (of a stretch, perhaps) to make you feel better about a potential change in control of the senate:  
1. No matter who controls the senate, gridlock will continue for the remainder of Obama's term. 
2. If the Republicans take control now they will be forced to propose legislation, rather than just oppose any and everything.
3. Because the GOP is so at war with itself it will be difficult for them to find enough common ground amongst themselves to propose anything without a major and publicly reported fight. Obama retains a veto to block anything asinine.  
4. Losing the camouflage of "opposition", enough sane and sensible middle-of-the-road American people see the GOP for what it truly represents, and vote accordingly in 2016.    RL

Saturday, October 04, 2014


The President is following the path of George W.,  listening to the generals and others who don't know s..t, so to speak. Even though he is the president, the commander in chief, he looks at all those uniforms, those ribbons and tends
To get bamboozled. Generals want to go to war. They are Custis LeMay: let's bomb Hanoi and all the problems will be solved. Stupid. We need to cut this bullshit out. We have so many problems. You have those like John McCain who is beyond hawk to stupid. We can't solve the Mideast. Our efforts are beyond idiocy. Millions and millions of bucks to train an Army who ends up fleeing in the face pf ISIS, in running suits, no less. Now, we are back again. It is like some f..king resurrection or nightmare. Help? And Putin and his oligarchy buddies are not going to stand by and allow western armies to be on the border. Any first year political science student knows this. This is the Cold War REVISITED. What the f..k. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I cannot believe that Amazon did not invite me to their "Campfire" for writers. What the hell! F..K, double F..K. I could have used some of those lavish gifts. Damn, a retreat, relaxed. Come on Jeff. Look at it like this, you invited all these big names for the last four years to your "Campfire" and now, you need a little "love" and they jump up and bite you in the arsh.   

I have been a big supporter. I am beaucoup applauding Amazon for leveling the playing field. Always before, big time, established publishers have pretty much had everything to themselves, mostly ignoring us unheralded authors. In the present dispute, I sense a lot of whining going on. 

I am not the type "not" to take sides. I choose Amazon. For us no-names, Amazon has given us a chance and for myself, if I am anything, I am loyal. 

I've read lots about the dispute and I doubt the dire claims of the "end" of publishing. If I am looking a book, I can find it somewhere.  Maybe I don't have to have it tomorrow. Manipulating ordering, pricing. What the hell, retail stores have their own systems. They put books they are pushing in strategic spots. Probably kickbacks in some form. 

As a writer and small publisher, few of the reading public understand how insane this process of getting published is.  About a hundred percent of the time, us would be published authors  cannot even get Hatchett to respond. No use blaming them. In California, we have more writers than readers. Regardless, before Amazon, we were s..t out of luck. To a large degree, Amazon and the Internet have changed that. I know for a fact that you can get a   few readers, people say to me, "where are your books?" AMAZON. No small thing. 

Here is s good example of the insanity of this business: I have been querying 
agents for months (Queried 40 plus and can't even get anybody to read my novel--they don't know if I have a masterpiece or not because they haven't read it).  But, in a real sense, pressure is off, owing much to Amazon, I have options: publish myself, get it on Amazon. Do an E-book. 

The plight of the author doesn't escape me but it has to be more than money. Sniveling aside, authors or at least those I know, to include myself, realize. this is a tough business and an insane one with no real rules. Big named authors who have made millions may feel slighted but I have a hard time feeling sorry for them.