Sunday, July 05, 2015


Wouldn't you love to hear some politician just for once say, I FUCKED UP. Forget it, it ain't going to happen. The tragic shooting of an innocent women in SF by a convicted 7 times felon, an illegal, just sad. The lenient policy, lack of cooperation between local and Feds: attorney general, Sheriff, Mayor, just about every fat, dumb, and happy political type, denying all. When they could simply say, "WE F..Ked UP."

Friday, July 03, 2015


Too good not to share. 

Shakespeare in the wilds of NC; what a deal. It conjures up all kinds of interesting images. I too was touched by Obama's eulogy and singing of Amazing Grace. Of course, it was all made possible by the victims families' forgiving the killer. What a wonderful, Christian act. And talk about taking the wind out of the Christian Right/conservatives' sails. How can they put a negative spin on that? Talk about the hand wringing and teeth knashing that must be going on in that quarter. Anyway, what a magnificent gesture. And, as I said, I thought Obama was terrific. 

And speaking of the Pres, his stock has to have gone up in the past week or so. Confederate battle flags coming down in state capitals, the Supreme Court's affirmation of the ACA and gay marriage, his eulogy, the establishment of a US embassy in Cuba and vice versa, trade agreements, etc. All of a sudden things seem to be going in the Presidents direction. About time as far as I'm concerned. 

And there is some hilarity going on too. The "Donald" declares his run for president and then immediately steps on his pecker big time. What a massive adverse reaction. One of the networks even pulled the Miss America Pageant. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy :). What an idiot. 

All in all an interesting, and perhaps very historically important week in our country's evolution. 

Hope all is well with you wherever you are. Have a great 4th of July weekend. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


KRecently I took s trip "around the battlefield" as Al Pachino said in "Scent of a Woman." My euphemism for "memory lane of where I grew up. " It was great, and I love to do it as a reminder of my roots. 

An example: I asked someone about the tobacco scene in NC. No small farms anymore but large tobacco conglomerates. When I was growing up, every farmer of any size had a patch of tobacco. It was a cash crop. I was about 6-8 years old. Most all my four brothers were home. None of them wanted to go with Dad to take the tobacco to market. I would.  It was a process. Before the market, the tobacco had been harvested, tied in neat bundles and then literally cooked (cured). 

At the market, the tobacco would be put in these big round baskets. The buyers would come by and place a price on the tobacco. Often, it was a low price that put the farmer in a bad spot. If he sold his tobacco for less, all that work went for almost nothing. If, in a rare case, the tobacco went for a higher price, Dad would be so happy. There we were on an emotional roller coaster. Dad, now, I understand, found great comfort in my presence. 

         This is tobacco in the field. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


The President singing "Amazing Grace" brought tears to my eyes. I don't know when I have been more touched. I choose to believe it was spontaneous. He was good, can carry a tune but mainly, so sincere, so very Ametican. I was moved and every person, especially African Americans, I have spoken too and it is almost every one I see, feel the same way. They say positive things. At "Faith's Coffee Shop. (I am in Raleigh,  NC at my great Nephew's wedding) all say that out of this tragedy, good has come. Faith (that's her real name) said it had "brought us together as one." I don't know about that but I do know we've been touched and will never ever be the same, again. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015


One of the things I feel badly about, among many, in the Charleston massacre is that the people, most effected, won't be able to have their private grief and that is very important. Now, it's the politicians, the debate over the rebel flag, like that is going to help anything, adinfinitum. Very sad. People need to be able to grieve in private. God bless them. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The thing that irritated me most about this heinous act is that we let some ignorant, stupid, dumb, uneducated, brainwashed biget who doesn't know his arsh fron a hole in the ground create such havoc, sadness, sense of helplessness and for me as a Souherner, shame. First of all that a stupid human being can even exist witout somebody kicking his ass till his nose bleeds, is amazing to me. 

The flip sign of the coin is that this unbelievable happening has shattered an aspect of white Americans like nothing else could, not Frrguson, not Baltimore, not Freddy Gray. Messing with their sense of decency grounded in their spiritual lives is beyond the pall. The governor of SC didn't say God bless you. (Well, she may have). She said something like, "we know they (the victims) are now in heaven. No hesitation, she invoked obviously her own Christianity. What this moronic stupid idiot has done is surface people who care, whose basic sense of race is changed forever. Watching the Rmanuel AME church service I was moved at their sense of forgiveness, Americans were moved by the process. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


I have never been much on the idea of good coming from bad. But, if I ever wanted to embrace the idea, now is it. Seeing those wonderful folks at the Emanual AME church putting their faith to work was awe inspiring. I could not do it. God bless them. 


Went to visit my dad. Happy Father's Day. 


Recently someone was telling me about this program on NPR (National Public Radio) they had heard. This woman on the program was saying that her Dad never, in her whole life, said, "I love you (conversation was around Father's Day).  

By contrast, I can never, not one single time, remember when my Dad and I were together that he didn't say, "I love you", preceded usually be a kiss.