Monday, November 30, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015


Recently I had a tête-à-tête with a friend. He is from my perspective, the worst communicator I've ever known--interrupts, makes these declarative statements, essentially shutting down the dialogue. Drives all of us crazy. I thought of this musing  by George Bernard Shaw, 
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw 

Monday, November 23, 2015


Have a blessed Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. As "Mericans" we have so much. Recently I asked a friend who is Irish, successful business person and desperately wants to emigrate to America. I definite get it for the really sad Syrians trying to find peace and safety. But, hard to say about my friend and I asked him why does he want to emigrate. His answer: you Americans have no earthly idea of how fortunate you are. You are safe. You have, even the poorest, a measure of what you want and you don't even think about it.  

However, even Thanksgiving can't take away these random thoughts. (1) Best treatment of the whole ISIS issue I've seen in the "Economist." (2) Very disingenuous to watch the Prez beating his chest like I saw him last night about how we are going to destroy ISIS. THEY HAVE US BY THE GONADS, let's face it. (3) If you saw 60 Minutes last night and the episode on Iraq, amazing. We are still pouring millions into that operation; some American general is claiming great victories. I think that we are at the stage where they outright lie. (4) Or, maybe it is downright perception. And, what we know is that a person's perception is his reality, regardless of the facts. I've always thought they bear some of the blame to where we find ourselves. Rosy reports, how we are kicking ass when out here in the hinterlands, we are not seeing these great victories. The examples are everywhere. Think Paris. It is a mess. 

God bless, Have a blessed Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Can we or will we go for an effective coalition. NO, mainly because it has to be done by an effective and "cool" leadership. And that appears to be missing or in short support. It is not that it is not our fight but it is not something that we can do or should do, alone, if at all. Countries like the Saudis, Iran, all have to come together. (Good luck with that). I heard on one news outlet that there are Saudis who are actually contributing financially to ISIS. Saudi is a country where they behead citizens who are not Muslim. What the f..k. 

I have been an Obama supporter but he has of late f..ked up. I see nothing that we are involved in that is working. What is that saying. Something like, "To continue doing what we have always done and expecting different results mean that you get what you've always done." As a country, we know how to be stupid. 

I can't "get" this on our attitude toward Russia. This is, by any estimation, dumb, dumb, dumb. To tame Syria, Assad is the key. Take care of the problem (ISIS) and then sort it out. 

The prez and his choir say our strategy is working. WHAT STRATEGY IS THIS?

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Any amateur military tactician can tell us what we have to do to defeat ISIS. (1) OVERWHELMING  Force,(100,000)
 much like we defeated Saddam in Kuwait. Surround wherever ISIS is concentrated. (2) Cut off their supply routes, no one in or out, outside activity suspended (hauling oil). (3) Close off escape routes. (4) Bring lethal force, which means being prepped with air strikes by the dozens, tanks, mortors, reducing the ISIS space to rubble. Invade with ground forces, from every direction, two weeks max to kill or capture ISIS fighters. Mission accomplished. Not simple but the only way to defeat them for the present. 30 days max. 

Will we do it? NO! The reason Gulf War One worked is because we had a coilition and did not disguise what we were doing. It is complicated and the last thing we want to see is America, alone or with Europe, take up a fight that is not ours. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Maybe We Ought To Think About The Draft

I don't feel safe in Paris and am emigrating to Israel. I feel safe there. Although they live with danger, they feel safe. Maybe it is because everybody in Israel has to serve in the military and they learn how to handle themselves. 

A Parisan Interviewee 


A couple of weeks ago some AF type said we were killing thousands of ISIS fighters. How does he know? Well, the targets, drones, whatever, are effective. Then some Colonel says yesterday that we have now targeted/destroyed 16 gas trucks. Yet hundreds are lined up getting oil. Then some government money guy estimated that we have seriously hurt the fanatics in the pocketbook. They are only making millions. Some Bloomberg reporter says, "let's try billions." The rosy, make that over optimistic, Alive in Wonderland spokesmen/women take us for a bunch of idiots. What ever it seems they need to tell us to float our boat, they do. The bottom line is that we are supposedly killing the leaders, defeating them in every way and we still have "Paris" and ISIS is stronger and more lethal than ever. 

We don't want to think our leaders are selling us a bill of goods, the equivalent of the Brooklyn Bridge. I say again, ISIS is as ruthless and powerful as ever, despite our chest beating. I think it is time that "Americans that care" are told the unvarnished truth or just accept the fact that we just "did fall off the turnip truck". 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I confess upfront that Bernie is my man. He has new ideas and my independent nature likes him. He thinks that to deny refugees is unAmerican. Our country was built on immigrants, to include all of us. For us to deny helping people who have struggled for the very basics in life goes against all that we are. 

Are there terrorists among the refugees? Probably. Any young man or woman will have to be vetted throughly. It is another wrinkle in the great security apparatus. 
The politicians, grandstanding on the backs of trying to do the right thing, is counter productive, to say the least.  


We have said some stupid things but failing to coordinate with Russia on getting ISSI IS CRAZY. THIS IS A CHANCE; wanting Assad to go? Where is he going to go?  

Retribution and revenge against ISIS is what we want. Let's wake up and smell the roses. Syria has changed and we have to deep six (get rid of) our demand that Assad go. He has nowhere to go. And, we are not going to get anybody to the peace table or any table without him.